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Welcome to Al Najadah

Heart of New Crafts

Al Najadah is a production-oriented and inclusive creative cluster that hosts a multidisciplinary community of emerging and established creatives around three of the top emerging areas of Qatar: Contemporary Heritage, Culinary Arts and Digital Experiences.


Our Story

Creating new landmarks by reactivating heritage sites.

...We are developing an ambitious strategy to activate our past by reimagining historical sites across the country. Some are large and some are small — but each one is unique, historical and beautiful.


In recent years, Qatar Museums took upon the mission to revive Doha’s heritage districts, among which is Al Najadah. Placed at the heart of Doha, the history of this cluster of houses which used to belong to modest Qatari families dates back to the 1930s. 

Houses sitting side by side, with tight corridors that create wind tunnels. Rooftops that served as a bed for residents to sleep under the stars on warm nights. Entrance halls designed to guard the family’s privacy when new guests entered. The culture of the past is represented by each design decision in this idyllic neighborhood, which is now being prepared to host a creative community for the future.


Designing for a vibrant and diverse creative district

The urban fabric of Al Najadah is made up of three key pedestrian streets, three significant public squares, and 17 buildings. After a thorough renovation process, using the same techniques of the past, the neighborhood’s culture and heritage were carefully studied to develop an activation strategy. Suggested functions were assigned to buildings according to their location and infrastructure. At walking distance from Souq Waqif and Mshereib, the district of Al Najadah is now ready to welcome those who wish to join this new community.


Gathering for creativity, learning, and collaboration

We seek to enable a feeling of belonging: being a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts. In this case, the shared purpose of this community is to drive the future of New Crafts in Qatar.

Bespoke rituals and programs exclusive to the community — or open to the public — will be co-designed by future community members. Therefore, curating these members becomes key  so that people who not only share a passion for New Crafts, but also the mindset for collaboration and willingness to learn from one another are invited into this ecosystem.


New Crafts

Embodying Authenticity, Diversity and Future-Thinking

New Crafts are inspired by dualities such as past and present, tradition and innovation, handcrafts and technology. As we look for emerging and established individuals and enterprises to join us in reviving this unique site, we will intentionally look for talented individuals who can provide a contemporary interpretation to traditional arts and history.


Contemporary Heritage

Inspired by Qatari heritage, seen from a contemporary lens.

Contemporary Heritage
  • Weaving
  • Jewelry
  • Ceramics
  • Pottery
  • Scent Making
  • Glass Making
  • Fashion & Textile
Culinary Arts

Artisanal, production-forward, and innovative gastronomy experience.

Culinary Arts
  • Roastery
  • Micro Gardening
  • Qatar-grown, ‘0 KM’ Food
  • Tableware &
  • Packaging Design
Digital Experiences

Combining crafts and technology with a strong bet for the future.

Digital Experiences
  • Video Production
  • AR/VR
  • Digital Arts
  • Web3
  • Metaverse
Open Call

Let’s Activate Al Najadah Together

We have just started a long-term outreach program to find the right community members, partners and collaborators to bring Al Najadah to life. With this open call, we aim to reach local and global audiences, with the aim of creating an inclusive and diverse community. We believe that a great part of the success of any enterprise consists in finding the right people to partner with.


We are looking for emerging or established individuals or enterprises working on one of the New Crafts who aspire to belong to a community for learning and collaboration. Selected community members will be the first “new tenants” of Al Najdah. If you wish to rent a unit or house and become part of this new creative district, bring your proposal and apply!


We are looking for partners who wish to contribute to the development of the community and to support in creating the connections and interactions with the public at large. Partnerships can be formed in various sectors including academia, business, communications, programming, and internationalization.

Pop-up Activation

Public squares in Al Najadah will have pop-up designated areas with both long & short-term renting options to be activated in parallel with the agendas of the national, regional, and global creative scene.

Contact Us

Register your interest, share your concerns or ask for a site visit. We are here to discuss your plan and answer any questions.